v4.25.2 (25/05/2023)

  • Updated target SDK to Android 13

v4.23.1 (17/07/2020)

  • Updated emojis on Android 10+

v4.22.3 (09/05/2020)

  • Fixed crash with Chinese dictionary
  • Fixed performance regression

v4.22.2 (06/05/2020)

  • Fixed clipped preview popup on Android 9+

v4.21.0 (16/10/2017)

  • Added Tamil layout
  • Added debug information to investigate crashes

v4.20.1 (28/04/2017)

  • Keep language key in Emojis if there are at least 3 languages (note that you don’t need any more Emoji in language key as they are available with long press on Enter)

v4.20.0 (25/04/2017)

  • Emojis are now displayed with long press on enter (enable “Custom smileys” option to get back the old smiley panel)
  • Added shortcut icons for emoji categories
  • New “Emojis” swipe gesture action
  • Automatically suggest 1-letter words in Russian T9
  • Fixed accent priority in Greek and French QWERTY

v4.19.0 (28/02/2017)

  • New voice input option “Keep comma” to get comma and mic on the same key
  • Added 4-row Armenian layout
  • Added English Colemak layout

v4.18.0 (17/01/2017)

  • New option “More symbols” to get many new symbols: ¹²½π³⅓⅔¼¾⅕⅙⅚⅐⅛⅜⅝⅞∞º∅∏–—∑<„“«»”‽∆∂∝√∛¬¤№∀∃∈∉₹₪§™℠₩…≠≈∪∨∩∧¶≤《‹⊂≥》›⊃§¦†ǂǁ→⇒←⇐ Esc Tab
  • Added Bulgarian BDS layout
  • Added RUB symbol in Russian layout
  • Improved Greek and Danish T9 layouts
  • Added ー in Japanese T9
  • Added Turkish i in English International layout
  • Added missing r diacritics in Czech compact QWERTZ
  • Fixed authorization request for storage access
  • Same backup location for Trial and Pro versions

v4.17.0 (20/12/2016)

  • Added ş and ğ in English international layout
  • Fixed crash in smiley and domain editors
  • Updated Lithuanian localization

v4.16.0 (13/12/2016)

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese (new dictionary “Brazilian for Smart Keyboard” available on Google Play)
  • Fixed double space for period in GMail
  • Compatibility with Android < 2.3.3 removed

v4.15.3 (29/11/2016)

  • Fixed suggestions in Samsung mail app
  • Fixed authorization dialog to request phone storage access

v4.15.2 (01/10/2016)

  • Fixed Russian and Spanish (US) localization

v4.15.1 (30/09/2016)

  • Fixed crashes in settings in trial version

v4.15.0 (27/09/2016)

  • Keep partially entered word when switching T9 prediction off
  • Option to disable launching settings from “123” key (advanced settings)
  • Added ¡ in Spanish T9
  • Added é in Swedish T9
  • Added Bulgarian ЧЯВЕР layout
  • Updated settings translations

v4.14.3 (14/08/2016)

  • Reverted change in Bulgarian layout

v4.14.2 (11/08/2016)

  • Request run-time permission for contacts dictionary (fixes crash on Marshmallow)

v4.14.1 (10/08/2016)

  • Fixed default vibrator duration
  • Request run-time permissions for mic and storage on Marshmallow

v4.14.0 (08/08/2016)

  • Added swipe gesture to change the input method
  • Material design theme for preference screens
  • Improved vibrator duration setting (starts from 0 instead of 10 ms)
  • New app icon
  • Updated Bulgarian layout

v4.13.1 (26/06/2016)

  • Revert name to “Smart Keyboard Pro”

v4.13.0 (21/06/2016)

  • “Smart Keyboard Pro” becomes “BabelType”
  • Added Norwegian to voice input

v4.12.1 (31/03/2016)

  • Fixed emojis on JellyBean
  • Fixed punctuation suggestions

v4.12.0 (29/03/2016)

  • Added new emojis (400+ on Android Marshmallow)
  • Display suggestion bar immediately to avoid flickering
  • Fixed display of suggestion bar in landscape on Marshmallow
  • Fixed sticky punctuation preview on Marshmallow
  • Added support for x86 devices
  • Fixed the “flying preview popup” issue on Lollipop and Marshmallow
  • Added Arabic diacritics
  • Use bottom padding in calibration
  • Fixed digits order in Hebrew

v4.11.1 (22/02/2016)

  • Added “Legacy Voice Input” option to use the old voice input method instead of Google Voice

v4.11.0 (18/02/2016)

  • Use Google Voice speech recognition on Android > 4.0
  • Fixed crash on Lenovo P70
  • Added 3-step installation wizard
  • New keyboard layout: Marathi
  • Black skin is now the default

v4.10.0 (10/06/2015)

  • Fixed input of Emojis on Lollipop (sometimes appeared as squares)
  • New keyboard layouts: Hindi and Kurdish (Kurmanji / Sorani)
  • Minor layout fixes

v4.9.6 (14/05/2015)

  • Fixed tap in suggestion bar

v4.9.5 (13/05/2015)

  • Fixed long press in suggestion bar to add word to user dictionary
  • Fixed crash with Emoji keyboard on Lollipop

v4.9.4 (19/01/2015)

  • Fixed voice input in English, which was broken by the latest Google Search update.

v4.9.3 (19/01/2015)

  • Fixed major long-standing bug causing unregistered key press when typing fast!

v4.9.2 (07/12/2014)

  • Added voice input languages: Ελληνικά, العربية, فارسی, Suomi, Dansk, Hrvatski, Íslenska, Magyar, Română, Slovenčina, Svenska, ไทย, Tiếng Việt, Български, Українська

v4.9.1 (27/10/2014)

  • Fixed voice input on Android < 4.0

v4.9.0 (26/10/2014)

  • Added option “Numbers on top” to display an extra row with numbers
  • Fixed language selection in voice input on Android 4+
  • Russian physical keyboard layout is now ЙЦУКЕН by default (choose Russian (ЯШЕРТ) language to get the previous layout)

v4.8.0 (19/10/2014)

  • Added option to never display .com key (“domain key” option)
  • Layout fixes
  • Updated translations, added Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Latvian, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese (traditional)

v4.7.1 (03/06/2013)

  • Performance improvement
  • Fixed Russian layout (bug with э key)
  • Fixed Finnish layout

v4.7.0 (04/05/2013)

  • Added Emoji support
  • Fixed T9 on high resolution screens (such as Galaxy S4)
  • Fixed Swedish T9 layout

v4.6.3 (17/07/2012)

  • Fixed crash with long press on Android Jellybean

v4.6.2 (13/05/2012)

  • Improved word picking in prediction bar
  • Better performance for Chinese and Japanese
  • Fixed color of prediction popup on ICS
  • Added missing letters in Macedonian

v4.6.1 (08/01/2012)

  • Fixed color of preview popup on ICS

v4.6.0 (20/12/2011)

  • Enable double space for period in Samsung email client
  • Added mic key on Hebrew layout
  • Option to hide language icon in the status bar
  • Updated localization + added Hebrew
  • Fixed Gmail issue on ICS
  • Fixed symbol key on hard keyboard
  • Fixed Czech and Norwegian layouts

v4.5.0 (25/08/2011)

  • Support of accents with hard keyboard, using long press then multitap to select the alternative characters. Implemented for Albanian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.
  • Option to hide language key (gestures can be used instead). Then display a language key in the status bar.
  • Fixed display of suggestions in landscape mode in browser
  • Fixed suggestions of capitalized words with hard keyboard
  • Fixed symbol key on HTC Desire Z keyboard
  • Fixed Romanian compact and T9
  • Added Persian translation

v4.4.1 (26/07/2011)

  • Fixed punctuation suggestions when “space after picking” is disabled
  • Added some accents in Swedish and Norwegian layouts
  • Arabic localization

v4.4.0 (24/07/2011)

  • New Open Skin features: custom fonts and prediction bar highlight background
  • Fixed landscape fullscreen with HTC Mail client
  • Fixed “no landscape fullscreen” implementation
  • Fixed punctuation suggestions after touch to correct

v4.3.0 (02/07/2011)

  • New option “space alert” to vibrate only for the space bar
  • Increased number of suggestions in Chinese and Japanese
  • Added cursor up/down swipe gestures
  • Added mic key on Afrikaans and Indonesian layouts
  • Layout fixes
  • Fixed backup to SD on Galaxy
  • Fixed auto-correction in T9 mode
  • Fixed potential crash at startup
  • Updated localizations

v4.2.3 (14/06/2011)

  • Fixed input in ConnectBot, Terminal Emulator, etc.
  • Fixed repeated letters (and split hangul) when typing fast after a number
  • Fixed user dictionary and AutoText editor when phone rotation is changed

v4.2.2 (13/06/2011)

  • Fixed popup in compact mode

v4.2.1 (12/06/2011)

  • Reverted behavior of “Ignore hard keyboard” option + added new option “Hide in portrait”

v4.2.0 (12/06/2011)

  • Builtin Gingerbread skin
  • Added Windows 7 sound style
  • Show suggestions in Galaxy S2 mail client
  • Faster load of the smart dictionary
  • “Extended compact/T9” option (in language settings) to display all the letters in the long press popup (English only)
  • Added belarusian and indonesian layouts
  • Improved macedonian layout
  • Added T9 thai layout
  • Prediction bar is now skinable
  • Added hebrew quotes
  • Fixed punctuation suggestions after touch to correct
  • Fixed capitalization of suggestions
  • Don’t display the language icon if “physical keyboard” option is off
  • “Ignore hard keyboard” option can now be used for Droid Pro with Gingerbread
  • More localizations

v4.1.2 (30/05/2011)

  • Reverted recent changes in T9 layout
  • Full macedonian layout
  • Fixed repeated letters after backspace
  • Fixed letter ‘?’ in Farsi
  • Fixed invalid popup on comma key

v4.1.1 (22/05/2011)

  • Fixed force close during backwards selection
  • Fixed wrong key detection
  • Swapped ‘ and – in english T9

v4.1.0 (22/05/2011)

  • Improved T9 layout
  • Code optimization (up to 30% faster)
  • Show language icon when using hard keyboard
  • Added macedonian and luxembourgish layouts
  • Fixed unexpected display of suggestion bar
  • Fixed key alignment on right side
  • Fixed thai and farsi layouts

v4.0.2 (02/05/2011)

  • Fixed force close

v4.0.1 (01/04/2011)

  • Fixed punctuation suggestion when “space after picking” is disabled
  • Fixed capitalization when using “touch to correct”

v4.0.0 (30/04/2011)

  • New option “Touch to correct” to bring up the prediction bar when the cursor is moved on a typed word
  • New option “Accents priority” to give priority to accented letters instead of alt symbols (when applicable). Warning: for Korean, this option replaces the old option “Numbers priority”
  • Taller keys and prediction bar on big tablets
  • Added Afrikaans and Mongolian layouts
  • Fix a crash in the main activity on Honeycomb
  • Fixed web passwords on Honeycomb

v3.16.0 (08/04/2011)

  • Option to show arrows on the main keyboard in portait and/or landscape
  • Option to move cursor with volume keys
  • CSV export/import of the the user dictionary and AutoText shortcuts
  • Improved turkish and polish layouts
  • Fixed refresh of the user dictionary when edited from the keyboard settings

v3.15.0 (23/03/2011)

  • Option to disable suggestions in landscape
  • New layouts: Armenian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Vietnamese (Telex)
  • Added Hebrew compact and T9 layouts
  • Added ñ in Spanish layout
  • Fixed Thai layout
  • Improved Serbian Cyrillic layout
  • Fixed crash in Trial version

v3.14.0 (25/02/2011)

  • Option to customize punctuation displayed in the suggestion bar
  • Greek: added compact, T9, and hard keyboard translation
  • New languages: Pinyin and Tatar
  • Fixed T9 in Spanish
  • Fixed crash when ‘ is used in a custom Auto-Text
  • New localizations: Slovak, Romanian, Ukrainian

v3.13.0 (04/02/2011)

  • New option to set bottom padding (empty space at the bottom of the keyboard, useful on phones with system keys on the touch screen)
  • Option to consider apostrophe as word separator
  • Option to show soft keyboard in landscape even when hard keyboard is present (useful on Droid Pro)
  • Support language key on HTC Desire Z hard keyboard (only works with Gingerbread)
  • Added Cyrillic Serbian layout
  • Fixed display of open skins with HTC Sense
  • Fixed long date autotext macro

v3.12.0 (22/01/2011)

  • Improved performance of the smart and user dictionary
  • Option to restore settings from the trial version

v3.11.0 (01/12/2010)

  • Option to remove comma and period keys to enlarge the space bar
  • Fixed Czech voice input
  • Improved Estonian layout

v3.10.2 (17/11/2010)

  • Key height customization in portait and landscape
  • Option to display alt symbols directly in the 123 layout
  • Swipe action for previous language
  • Added Turkish and Dutch mic key
  • Don’t underline words when not needed
  • Fixed Slovak full layout

v3.10.1 (10/11/2010)

  • Fixed display on tablets

v3.10.0 (09/11/2010)

  • Key height customization
  • Fixed capitalization issues with hard keyboard
  • Fixed some suggestions when using T9 length priority

v3.9.0 (28/10/2010)

  • Added calibration tool
  • Added skin preview
  • Added Farsi layout
  • New swipe actions: insert space, move cursor
  • Fixed keys being stuck in pressed state
  • Fixed preview popup when portrait fullscreen is turned on
  • Fixed repeated word when T9 is turned off

v3.8.1 (22/10/2010)

  • New option to customize multitap delay (can be used to disable multitap)
  • Improved Farsi support in Arabic T9
  • Improvement for “b typed instead of space” issue
  • Fixed Korean hard keyboard translation

v3.8.0 (20/10/2010)

  • Added portrait fullscreen option (for small screens)
  • Swipe sensitivity opion
  • Swipe gesture to select next prediction
  • Commit the best suggestion when (X)T9 button is switched off
  • Added Arabic T9
  • Added Catalan layout
  • Hard keyboard translation for Hebrew
  • Options to customize Hebrew, Czech and Slovak layouts
  • Fixed voice input in Japanese
  • Fixed compact/T9 layout for many languages
  • Fixed period on double space when autocorrect is off

v3.7.1 (16/10/2010)

  • New layouts: Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish (-å)
  • Hide language key if only one language selected
  • Fixed backspace after smiley
  • Fixed force close in T9
  • Fixed Korean T9
  • Fixed æ lookup in Danish
  • Improved selection of the default character in popup keyboard

v3.7.0 (14/10/2010)

  • Added Galaxy skin, improved HTC skin
  • New voice input on Froyo
  • Option to pick the best word in voice input
  • English UK layout
  • Korean short vowel layout and T9
  • Japanese T9 layout
  • Smart dictionary and custom autotext fixes
  • OpenSkin files cached on internal storage

v3.6.1 (07/10/2010)

  • Fixed English autotext
  • Use current language for speech to text

v3.6.0 (07/10/2010)

  • English dictionary is now external (can be installed on the SD card)
  • Added Chinese (simplified)
  • Hard keyboard support for Russian and Korean (you need to enable “Physical keyboard” option for this)
  • Bigger keys in compact layout
  • New Hebrew layout
  • Enter key commits the current selection in Japanese
  • Smart dictionary and autotext fixes

v3.5.2 (01/10/2010)

  • Added missing ? character on Japanese layout
  • Fixed Japanese suggestions when Smart Dictionary is off
  • Fixed repeated characters in Copilot and S-Banking
  • Removed euro and pound from “English” layout: only in “English (International)” now

v3.5.1 (29/09/2010)

  • Fixed handling of cursor move and sticky predictions
  • Fixed handling of “n” character in Romaji->Hiragana conversion
  • Fixed comma key when voice input not supported

v3.5.0 (28/09/2010)

  • Full Japanese support with kanji (requires language pack)
  • Option to remove the T9 Next key
  • Option to allow suggestion with numbers
  • Improved T9 prediction
  • Long press on language key displays a popup
  • Fixed Korean input bug when typing fast
  • Fixed user dictionary editor for Korean

v3.4.0 (21/09/2010)

  • Improved T9 predictions
  • New option “T9 length priority” like original T9
  • Added T9 next button
  • AutoText date/time macros (%d %D %t %T)

v3.3.1 (17/09/2010)

  • Fixed some T9 issues
  • Fixed handling of quick slides on the popup keyboard (wrong letter was selected)
  • Added missing ä in Slovak

v3.3.0 (16/09/2010)

  • Many T9 improvements and fixes
  • Option to disable fullscreen in landscape
  • Added Samsung Galaxy sound style
  • Option to customize long press behavior in Korean
  • Added dutch and hungarian localization
  • Experimental skin engine (see the forum for details)
  • Fixed autotext with smart dictionary
  • Fixed sticky preview popup issue

v3.2.2 (07/09/2010)

  • Disable suggestion of compound words by default (now optional)
  • Hi-res gray skin
  • Use shift+space on all phones to change language with hard keyboard

v3.2.1 (01/09/2010)

  • Fixed korean and japanese in search fields

v3.2.0 (01/09/2010)

  • Added japanese (hiragana only at the moment)
  • Removed again support of protected BK skins
  • Option to select the style of the arrow keypad
  • Option to disable multitouch
  • Option to disable period on double space
  • Ability to enable suggestions without quick fixes
  • Change language with shift+space on Droid/Milestone hard keyboard
  • Improved suggestions of compound word
  • Fixed text color of alt keys
  • Fixed restore of settings on Froyo

v3.1.0 (30/08/2010)

  • Readded BK skin support (without guarantee)
  • Added Slovak and Esperanto
  • Added numbers and esc key to the arrow keypad
  • .com key editor
  • Option to always display the .com key
  • Polish and Russian localization
  • Fixed HTC and iPhone skin in landscape mode
  • Fixed youtube search in landscape

v3.0.3 (21/08/2010)

  • Removed support of skins done by Better Android

v3.0.2 (19/08/2010)

  • Fixed skin loading issue

v3.0.1 (16/08/2010)

  • Fixed crashes with some skins

v3.0.0 (16/08/2010)

  • Support of (unprotected) Better Keyboard skins
  • Improved handling of fast typing
  • Multiline SMS option
  • Improved word deletion with swipe
  • Fixed selection of default character in popup keyboard
  • German and spanish localization

v2.8.2 (11/08/2010)

  • Revert multitouch changes due to unexpected side effects

v2.8.1 (09/08/2010)

  • Fixed force close with hard keyboard

v2.8.0 (08/08/2010)

  • Thai layout
  • Option to customize the long press duration
  • Multitouch improvements
  • Dynamic key resizing based on next letter probability

v2.7.1 (04/08/2010)

  • Fixed space key on hard keyboard
  • Use alt+shift to switch language on the Droid/Milestone

v2.7.0 (04/08/2010)

  • Added swipe gesture to delete whole word
  • Long press on enter to display smileys
  • Alt+space to switch language with hard keyboard
  • Fixed shift key bug

v2.6.3 (29/07/2010)

  • Fixed crash on Android 1.5
  • Korean localization by Jeonghoon Park
  • Added letters to the numeric keypad

v2.6.2 (20/07/2010)

  • Fix korean input bug with ? + ?

v2.6.1 (20/07/2010)

  • Asynchronous load of user and smart dictionaries (faster start-up)
  • Option to hide the suggested punctuations
  • Fixed swap of space and suggested punctuations
  • Fixed compact/T9 for bosnian, croatian, serbian, spanish, slovenian
  • Fixed comma key on arabic layout
  • Fixed romanian layout

v2.6.0 (19/07/2010)

  • Punctuation suggestions from Froyo
  • Added QWERTZ czech
  • Fixed crash with korean dictionary
  • Fixed RTL suggestions with CyanogenMod
  • Improved arabic layout
  • Fixed capitalization with voice input
  • Option to clean the user dictionary

v2.5.3 (27/06/2010)

  • Fixed stack overflow

v2.5.2 (27/06/2010)

  • Fixed korean mixed with english
  • Performance improvements

v2.5.1 (21/06/2010)

  • Fixed korean input bugs

v2.5.0 (20/06/2010)

  • Added arabic and korean
  • Added option to use different languages with the same layout
  • Smaller keys for QVGA screens (like X10 mini)

v2.4.1 (03/06/2010)

  • Fixed input in CoPilot
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Added accents on T9 layout
  • Added italian layout without ‘
  • Fixed compact AZERTY

v2.4.0 (30/05/2010)

  • Added bosnian, croatian, hungarian, icelandic, serbian, slovenian, hebrew, turkish
  • Candidate color picker
  • Italian localization (contribution from Lorenzo Novara)
  • Performance improvement

v2.3.3 (25/05/2010)

  • Added compact AZERTY and QWERTZ
  • Added missing letter in Ukrainian layout
  • Fixed P and W keys in phone keypad
  • Fixed a crash when using multitap

v2.3.2 (14/05/2010)

  • Fixed force close with long press on Android 1.5
  • Option to disable slide on the popup keyboard
  • Option to show preview on space key

v2.3.1 (12/05/2010)

  • Re-added accents on dutch layout
  • Don’t display preview keyboard if option is disabled
  • Fixed auto-correction bug with smart dictionary

v2.3.0 (11/05/2010)

  • Improved the popup keyboard on long press

v2.2.1 (04/05/2010)

  • Fixed force close
  • Fixed wrong addition of existing words with the smart dictionary

v2.2.0 (03/05/2010)

  • Added backup/restore feature
  • Improved smart dictionary
  • Added french QWERTY+’

v2.1.1 (01/05/2010)

  • Revert to default android smileys

v2.1.0 (29/04/2010)

  • Improved speed and suggestions of the smart dictionary
  • Added bulgarian and romanian layouts
  • Changed default smileys

v2.0.0 (25/04/2010)

  • Smart Dictionary
  • Smiley editor
  • Fixed iPhone sound
  • Fixed 3-row russian

v1.28.2 (21/04/2010)

  • Fixed background of popup keyboard

v1.28.1 (20/04/2010)

  • Invert transparency slider

v1.28.0 (20/04/2010)

  • Added iPhone sound
  • Added transparency option
  • Fixed compact/T9 for 3-row russian layout
  • Added ‘ to italian layout

v1.27.0 (18/04/2010)

  • Improved proximity correction

v1.26.1 (17/04/2010)

  • Fixed SMS sent twice when smiley key is off

v1.26.0 (17/04/2010)

  • Setting and swipe gesture to show/hide the smiley key
  • Added russian layout with 3 rows

v1.25.0 (14/04/2010)

  • Added MyBackup support
  • Added ukrainian, dutch AZERTY
  • Multitap for georgian

v1.24.1 (14/04/2010)

  • Fixed inversion of T9 and compact in settings

v1.24.0 (13/04/2010)

  • Added dutch, polish, russian T9/compact

v1.23.1 (11/04/2010)

  • High res iPhone skin and preview popup
  • Disable automatic swap of punctuation and space (optional)
  • Swipe action for backspace

v1.23.0 (10/04/2010)

  • HTC skin (high res)
  • Improved layouts
  • Quick fixes per language
  • Option to not insert space when picking suggestion

v1.22.3 (09/04/2010)

  • Added an option to disable launcher icon
  • Fixed shift key state when using a swipe action

v1.22.2 (07/04/2010)

  • Fixed buggy predictions when typing fast
  • Fixed autocaps when switching language
  • Removed launcher activity

v1.22.1 (05/04/2010)

  • Remove from launcher when keyboard is started for the first time

v1.22.0 (04/04/2010)

  • Faster layout switch and lower memory consumption
  • Added black skin

v1.21.0 (03/04/2010)

  • More swipe options: T9, Compact, User Dictionary, Custom AutoText
  • Fixed multitap in custom AutoText editor

v1.20.0 (01/04/2010)

  • Added greek layout
  • Fixed preview of mic key
  • Advanced setting to change the color of the suggested word

v1.19.2 (30/03/2010)

  • Improved T9 multitap
  • Fixed URL mode
  • Updated german layout (with and without umlaut)

v1.19.1 (29/03/2010)

  • Fixed shift key with T9 multitap
  • Remember state of “T9” key (on by default)
  • Improved prediction
  • Disable auto-correction in email mode
  • Fixed czech and georgian layouts

v1.19.0 (28/03/2010)

  • Added compact QWERTY in portrait
  • Swipe action to switch to compact or T9
  • Added Czech layout

v1.18.1 (28/03/2010)

  • Fixed proximity detection
  • Fixed T9 multitap

v1.18.0 (28/03/2010)

  • Added T9 keyboard in portrait mode

v1.17.0 (25/03/2010)

  • Switch to a numeric keypad in numeric fields

v1.16.2 (25/03/2010)

  • Option to not restart voice input automatically
  • Show touch points (advanced settings)

v1.16.1 (23/03/2010)

  • Added Russian phonetic layout
  • Improved German layout
  • Fixed Georgian layout

v1.16.0 (22/03/2010)

  • Added voice input (mic key and swipe option)
  • Added English AZERTY layout
  • Added Georgian layout (contribution from Lado Kumsiashvili)
  • Swipe option to switch language

v1.15.1 (11/03/2010)

  • Fixed force close on phones with no user dictionary provider (like HTC Tattoo)

v1.15.0 (10/03/2010)

  • Dictionaries are now available in separate apps. They can be downloaded from the settings menu
  • Space key is no more repeatable

v1.14.0 (08/03/2010)

  • Added danish, finnish, norwegian and swedish layouts (dictionaries will come)

v1.13.4 (08/03/2010)

  • Fix corrupted apk (caused force close at install)

v1.13.3 (08/03/2010)

  • Fallback to the previous english dictionary. Details on the forum

v1.13.2 (07/03/2010)

  • Fixed suggestion of words from the user dictionary

v1.13.1 (07/03/2010)

  • Fixed suggestion of some words

v1.13.0 (07/03/2010)

  • Complete rewrite of the english dictionary
  • Added a user dictionary editor

v1.12.1 (04/03/2010)

  • Fixed wrong keypress detection when text is entered quickly

v1.12.0 (03/03/2010)

  • Backport to Android 1.5
  • Re-added ß in QWERTZ keyboard

v1.11.1 (02/03/2010)

  • Fixed infinite loop when saving preferences

v1.11.0 (01/03/2010)

  • Added Dvorak
  • Added white skin
  • Fixed priority of autotext suggestions
  • Fixed arrow in suggestion bar

v1.10.1 (01/03/2010)

  • Disable auto-correct in URLs

v1.10.0 (28/02/2010)

  • Toggle symbols in numeric fields
  • Added english international and portuguese
  • Apply skin to popup keyboard

v1.9.0 (27/02/2010)

  • Improved prediction algorithm
  • Bigger space key

v1.8.2 (26/02/2010)

  • Fixed double send with hard enter key

v1.8.1 (25/02/2010)

  • Fixed switch back to alpha
  • Fixed “always suggest” option
  • New option “always caps”
  • New option “show alt labels”

v1.8.0 (24/02/2010)

  • Added optional arrow keyboard with ?123 key or swipe gesture

v1.7.1 (24/02/2010)

  • Capitalization on iPhone skin
  • Put back the old default skin

v1.7.0 (24/02/2010)

  • Added iPhone skin

v1.6.2 (21/02/2010)

  • Enabled multiline AutoText

v1.6.1 (21/02/2010)

  • Fixed AutoText when word is also in the dictionary

v1.6.0 (21/02/2010)

  • Added French QWERTY/QWERTZ, Italian and German layouts

v1.5.0 (21/02/2010)

  • Added Custom AutoText (you can create your own dictionary shortcuts)

v1.4.3 (15/02/2010)

  • Added URL mode
  • Fixed completions in fullscreen mode

v1.4.2 (14/02/2010)

  • Suggestion bar now disappears when it has to

v1.4.1 (14/02/2010)

  • Fixed hardware del key
  • Improved vibrator settings

v1.4.0 (14/02/2010)

  • Backport to Android 1.6 (without multitouch!)
  • Better english dictionary
  • Bigger gap for delete key

v1.3.2 (13/02/2010)

  • Option to always show suggestions

v1.3.1 (12/02/2010)

  • Added option to activate debug logs

v1.3.0 (12/02/2010)

  • Added an “Android” skin (black)
  • Added volume settings

v1.2.4 (11/02/2010)

  • Fixed keyboard crash when too much text has been entered !
  • Re-added days and months in the dictionary

v1.2.3 (09/02/2010)

  • Better support of shift and alt keys with hard keyboard
  • Bigger russian dictionary

v1.2.2 (08/02/2010)

  • Fixed regressions introduced in 1.2.1 (broken auto-text, switch to landscape view)
  • Better french dictionary

v1.2.1 (07/02/2010)

  • Fixed display of suggestions with hard keyboard
  • New swipe option to toggle shift
  • Added high resolution icons

v1.2.0 (06/02/2010)

  • Enable auto-correction with hard keyboard (optional)

v1.1.3 (06/02/2010)

  • Re-added quick fixes in free version

v1.1.2 (06/02/2010)

  • Removed non-english words from the dictionary
  • Option to disable the preview popup
  • Fixed force close in settings (free version)

v1.1.1 (05/02/2010)

  • Fixed landscape settings (lost in 1.1.0)

v1.1.0 (04/02/2010)

  • Better suggestion for don’t, you’re, etc.
  • Smaller delete key
  • Aligned versions of Pro and free versions

v1.0.4 (03/02/2010)

  • Vibrator duration settings
  • Slightly increased font size
  • Suggest “I’ll” instead of “il”

v1.0.3 (02/02/2010)

  • Much better english dictionary (20000 words)

v1.0.2 (02/02/2010)

  • Fixed unexpected switch to symbols when space bar is pressed
  • Re-added some short words in the dictionary (it’s, don’t etc.)

v1.0.1 (01/02/2010)

  • Better english dictionary
  • Improved suggestion of words from the user dictionary
  • Fixed spurious detection of keypress events in multitouch

v1.0.0 (31/01/2010)

  • First release of the PRO version, based on Smart Keyboard 0.4.4
  • Added dictionary, suggestions, auto correction
  • Swipe option to display alt symbols
  • Improved landscape layout

v0.4.5 (02/02/2010)

  • Fixed unexpected switch to symbols when space bar is pressed

v0.4.4 (31/01/2010)

  • Fixed switch to landscape

v0.4.3 (28/01/2010)

  • Fixed force close at boot time

v0.4.2 (27/01/2010)

  • Symbols on long press
  • More swipe options

v0.4.1 (26/01/2010)

  • Up/down swipe gestures
  • Sound on keypress
  • Punctuation popup

v0.4.0 (26/01/2010)

  • Auto-caps
  • Period on spacebar double tap
  • Fast backspace

v0.3.4 (24/01/2010)

  • Vertical correction of hit box

v0.3.3 (24/01/2010)

  • Contextual icon/label for enter key

v0.3.2 (24/01/2010)

  • Display smileys in IM mode

v0.3.1 (21/01/2010)

  • Re-added lang key (optional)
  • Quit symbol mode when space bar is hit

v0.3.0 (20/01/2010)

  • Fixed font size on wide screens (Nexus 1, Motorola Droid)
  • Removed language key
  • Opaque background

v0.2.2 (19/01/2010)

  • Three states for shift key
  • Fixed insertion bugs when using the cursor

v0.2.1 (18/01/2010)

  • Added spanish layout

v0.2.0 (18/01/2010)

  • Improved keyboard layout
  • Added haptic feedback (vibrator)

v0.1.0 (17/01/2010)

  • Multitouch input
  • English, french and russian layouts