Space for both Mic & domain key vs swipe

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Space for both Mic & domain key vs swipe

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I actually have two questions. I've recently realized I didn't have the mic on my keyboard. After reading a bunch of forum posts I've now determined my options are to choose the Mic instead of having the domain key due to lack of space or else swiping in order to keep the domain and to regain a way to easily access the mic.

I don't understand WHY there isn't room for both on the keyboard...AT LEAST in horizontal mode. I'd gladly take a smaller spacebar. I see a way to change the height of it but not the width. Is there any option that can give me both on my MotoG running Android 4.4.4?

The alternative is to setup a swipe option. I've done that and only succeed in getting the mic every 4-6th swipe. Clearly I'm missing something about the finer points on HOW TO SWIPE! Is there a trick to where to swipe on the keyboard in order to not activate any keys? Maybe I need to make it more or less sensitive? I've got it on the default.

Running the Smart Key Pro v4.9.2.
Sheila in Seattle
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