Language Inconsistency Bug

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Language Inconsistency Bug

Post by EnomisAccuzzam »

I have SK Pro installed on an HTC One.

I have selected two languages: Italian and English. I downloaded both dictionaries.

When I select Italian I have no problem, but in English I have a strange mix of Italian and English.

For example if I type “I’m home now”, the “now” and only the “now” is underlined in red. If I click “now”, I get suggestions from the Italian dictionary (in the popup), but in the bar (between textbox and keypad) I get English suggestions. This is with English selected.

Can you please help me figure out what the problem is? This is quite frustrating.

Thank you,
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Re: Language Inconsistency Bug

Post by cyril »

As answered by mail, the suggestions you get when clicking on the underlined word are displayed by Android itself, not by the keyboard.
As your system language is probably Italian, you get suggestions in Italian even if English language is selected in Smart Keyboard.
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