glowkey (colors: blue, red, green, honeycomb!)

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Re: issue with red skin

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just_sham wrote:I really like this red skin because it matches my overall phone theme. but two Major things that needs to be resolved.
1. the suggestion bar is white, which breaks the overall dark theme. so it must be black

2. the ALL CAPS button and T9 buttons don't change when they are turned on or off.

I would really appreciate a fix

Thanks for the feedback. As you can see in my post above yours, I plan on implementing the suggestion bar in two weeks- I am out of town this week.

For the all caps and T9 buttons, I will see what I can do.
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Re: glowkey (colors: blue, red, green, honeycomb!)

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I am looking forward for this.

Thanks mate..God bless you!
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Re: glowkey (colors: blue, red, green, honeycomb!)

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Good post!Thank you!
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