How to install skins

This is where you can share and download open skins for Smart Keyboard!
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Re: How to install skins

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omg I must be a freaken idiot. None of this makes any sense to me. Why Cant they just put the skins on the market like everyone else. This is way to hard and way to much work for a keyboard skin wow
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Re: How to install skins

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I have followed all the instructions to the letter, however the downloaded skin does not appear at the bottom of the skins list. Although the instructions state that if it dies not then you must have done something wrong, however, I have confirmed that all the steps were completed correctly.
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Re: How to install skins

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cyril wrote:To install the skins you will find in this forum, you just need to:

1) download a skin (a .zip file) from the forum. With some browsers such as Safari you may need to right click on the file name and choose "Save as..." in your browser, instead of just clicking on it. Warning! Your browser may want to save the file as "file.php"; if it is the case you must change the name, it must end with ".zip" extension, otherwise the skin will not appear in the list!
Note that you must not use Android Tapatalk app to see the download links on the forum! Use a normal browser instead.

2) once downloaded, copy (don't extract!) the corresponding .zip file to your SD card in a directory named "skins". You need to create this "skins" directory at the root of your SD card, if it doesn't exist.
You can do it directly from your phone with a File Manager (like "Astro File Manager"), otherwise plug your phone to your computer, turn on USB storage, and copy the file from your computer to the SD card (don't forget to create the "skins" directory if it doesn't exist). The skin should appear at the end of the skin list in the keyboard settings. If it doesn't, read the instructions again as it means you did something wrong!

If the keyboard appears all black when you load the skin, it means there is an error in the skin (for instance it doesn't support your phone resolution). In that case please report it in the forum so that the author of the skin can fix it
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Re: How to install skins

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Now how and where do I find the skins? :roll:
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Re: How to install skins

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:?: i'm so sorry to ask about very very easy qurstions(for u all the expert) but it's very diffcult to me. i just want t kno how to get zip.file. i mean whats the url to get this skin. i've made skin folder in sd root but i don't know how t get the file. to change extension from .php to .zip i undwrstand. but to get the file address i dont kno. i want to get HELLO KITTY skin. please someone help me from this basic problem(for u all) but big for me. thx
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